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The Eliz Went Podcast #8: Bloom Twins

Sonja and Ana, the twin sisters who make up the band Bloom Twins grew up in a village outside of Kiev, Ukraine. Unexpectedly at the age of 16, a twist of fate determined their path for the coming two years; a friend of a friend got them in contact with another Ukranian musician Lenka Chubuklieva, now their current manager who brought them to London to begin their musical careers.

Lenka saw their potential and knew with a little polishing up, they would make an excellent duo. Fast forward to today, Ana and Sonja who claim they played music before they could speak, have now been featured on BBC, and have been written up by Harpers Bazaar, Vogue UK, and multiple prestigious publications. All before dropping an EP which they are currently working on.

They are most definitely ones to watch, and this special episode features an acoustic recording of their latest singleĀ Blue.