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CULTURE - SRC 783 Magazine



Imagine the shit they don’t put in main stream fashion magazines, editorially speaking, like internet trendsetters, cowgirl costumes, beanie baby skirts, experimental fonts, and psychedelic graphic designs that will visually please any acid lover or color enthusiast. You will find all of this and so much more inside of the envelope pushing zine SRC 783. It will be the new style bible for those who possess a look that is innovative, fearless, and defiant towards the norm. Per issue, it’s roughly an 180 page guide book on sub-culture, turning heads, and getting into those underground parties you never could before. The interviews of influential people combined with a fresh yet polished aesthetic is laying the foundation for a ground breaking publication brought to you by Christina Dietze and Nick Thomm (Drop Studios, Skate Moss). This duo has major synergy and dope vision, keep an eye out for Issue 3 and purchase Issue 2 before it’s sold out too.